Angela Skelly

Senior Vice President Global Sales & Commercial Development - B2B Hotels

When Angela joined JacTravel 14 years ago, she was persuaded by the insightful Head of HR to take on a different role to the one she'd applied for. She hasn't looked back since, and has progressed from executive to director level, now heading up the FIT business in the London office.

JacTravel is a growing company and my role is evolving all the time, which makes it both exciting and challenging. Opportunities are arising all the time for people with the drive and ambition to carve out a career for themselves here.

How my career at JacTravel has developed

My first job with JacTravel was as a Business Development Executive on the FIT side of the business. From there I was promoted to a manager's role, but began to get more involved in product and progressed to Head of Product, overseeing purchasing for both Groups and FIT. A couple of years later I was made a director and now have overall responsibility for the whole FIT division.

What I enjoy most at JacTravel

I enjoy the variety that each day brings and working in a fast-paced environment. Things are changing quickly as the company grows, so there's always a new project or challenge in the pipeline. The FIT side wasn't anything like its current size when I first joined JacTravel, so being directly involved in its growth has been very satisfying. I also genuinely enjoy travel, and still get a buzz out of meeting new overseas clients and suppliers.

The most important skills for my role

I perform a lot of different functions, and it's the knowledge I've built up as I've progressed through the company that allows me to do that. You need to be able to see the overall picture and have a vision for the future - but equally you need to keep on top of the detail on a day-to-day basis. You also need to be able to communicate effectively with people at all levels - whether that is clients or colleagues.

My advice for JacTravel career seekers

JacTravel is in growth mode and there are openings emerging all the time for bright people with energy and ambition. Don't be afraid to really go for it and remember that the ability to learn on the job is just as important as any qualifications you might hold. I've benefitted hugely from the mentoring and guidance I've received whilst I've been with JacTravel, and it's something you really can't place too high a value on.

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